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Classic Game Room : VIRTUA FIGHTER 3tb for Sega Dreamcast review


by ClassicGameRoom

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Classic Game Room HD reviews VIRTUA FIGHTER 3 for Sega Dreamcast from 1999, also known as 3tb, as in "Team Battle". This is an example of an awesome Dreamcast game that may have gotten better with age. Back in '99 we were all talking about Soulcalibur and DOA2 on the Dreamcast instead of Virtua Fighter 3th.... thirth! This overlooked gem belongs in any Sega fan's arsenal of Virtua Fighter games because the gameplay is solid, smooth and predictably virtua awesome. It includes characters not seen in the excellent Virtua Fighter 2 and has improved visuals and backgrounds that are far superior to anything that the Saturn could deliver. Virtua Fighter 3 is sure to please fans of the series, even if the Dreamcast controller is a bit awkward for arcade and fighting games. Pick up this excellent budget Dreamcast game today and kick some virtua ass. This CGR review of Virtua Fighter 3 on Sega Dreamcast has gameplay from Virtua Fighter 3tb on Dreamcast showing Virtua Fighter 3 TB game play in HD action.