Galileo's Insomnia

Raúl Berrueco

por Raúl Berrueco

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Santiago Latorre. 'E6', featuring Dani Ferrer on French horn. Eclíptica, Foehn Records 2011.

NASA’s Archives Cassini-Huygens / SDO Solar Dynamics Observatory / Goddard Center - Scientific Visualization Studio

Raw bits of noise were added to the music. NASA's Cassini spacecraft captured some of these sounds of lightning strikes at Saturn.

Been making this video for the last 2 months, mostly at nights of insomnia. Later realized Galileo was one of the most famous insomniacs of all times.

The video features really stunning phenomena such as Solar flares and sunspots. Even the weird hexagon-shaped vortex at Saturn’s north pole (see 1:09)

The solar system’s most beautiful and bizarre planet holds a secret. Yet unexplanaible, has long puzzled scientists. That six-sided shape remains a mystery.

Raúl 04/27/2012

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nice and dark!
Por Oscar Civit Hace 3 años