[The King 2 Hearts] International Fans' messages for the Cast & Crew


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The King 2 Hearts which is a Korean drama currently airing right now is greatly loved by fans all across the world. There has been heated discussion and immense love everywhere. Fans eagerly anticipate every Wednesday & Thursday to watch it.

So, in trying to show our support and love towards this drama, we have come together through this project which was originated from The King 2 Hearts official thread at Soompi forums.

We dedicate this video to all the casts and crews of The King 2 Hearts, in hope that it will cheer all of you for the rest of the filming. The video contains fans messages and a list of TOP10 reasons why we love this drama which was compiled from fans comments.
International Fans love The King 2 Hearts!
The King 2 Hearts, fighting!!
Organised by Wanne & Yon
from The King 2 Hearts Official Thread at Soompi Forums
Email: welovetk2h@yahoo.com

The songs used in this video are related to this drama and has been included because of this reason only.

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I just love seeing my name there every time :D
Bởi I am the only who know cách đây 2 năm