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    Wheeler Dealer Calvin and the Colonel


    by TAIT1

    That's what the actual title of this series might have been, had CBS given Gosden & Correll permission to use their original characters in animated form. What they did was transmute Andy Brown and George "Kingfish" Stevens into "funny animals", with thinly disguised supporting characters {i.e. "Sapphire" as "Maggie Belle"}, adapt several of their old radio scripts [by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher, who wrote for them in the late '40s through the end of their radio series in 1955, as well as their their nightly "AMOS 'N' ANDY MUSIC HALL" from 1954 through 1960], and have Creston Studios {aka TV Spots} animate the series for them. Close your eyes, and they ARE "Andy" and "The Kingfish"