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    Classic Game Room - LEFT 4 DEAD for Xbox 360 review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews LEFT 4 DEAD for Xbox 360, also available for PC. From Valve, the brilliant group of humans who brought us Portal and Half Life 2, comes Left for Dead! Zombies, zombies, rah rah rah! It's 28 Days Later meets a video game made to feel like 28 Days Later with excellent controls and 4-player gameplay. Released in 2008 Left 4 Dead has set the gold standard for 4 player co-op shooters over Xbox Live where teamwork and group zombie-slaughter is the name of the game. Choose from one of four characters, stock up on some health and weapons and plow your way through four levels chock full of zombies, witches, smokers and tanks. Like many popular Xbox 360 video games, once the sequel (Left for Dead 2) was released the price of the original fell below NES game cartridge levels and can be easily had anywhere today for the cost of a pizza. This CGR review of Valve's Left 4 Dead has L4D gameplay from Xbox 360 showing Left 4 Dead game play during the review.