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    Minako Honda 本田美奈子. Hymne à l'amour


    by toscanini9

    This video was created and owned by Skymods, who provided the English translation. It is presented here with permission. It is my favorite of Minako's four concert videos performing Piaf's "Hymne..."

    “Hymne à l'amour” was originally performed by Edith Piaf. The lyrics were written by Piaf and the music by Marguerite Monnot. Piaf first sang this song at the cabaret Versailles in New York on September 14, 1949. It was written to the love of her life, the French boxer, Marcel Cerdan Japanese lyrics were written in 1951 by Tokiko Iwatani and the song entitled “Ai no Sanka" 愛の讃歌 , “Love Hymn”) was recorded by Fubuki Koshiji, 越路吹雪, who passed away in 1980. Under the tutelage of Tokiko Iwatani, Minako Honda recorded the song in her album “Junction” in 1994. That year she performed the song in several concerts.