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Classic Game Room - SEGA POWER STRIP power bar review


by ClassicGameRoom

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Classic Game Room HD reviews the SEGA POWER STRIP which can take up to five oversized Sega power adapters! AC power represent with this Sega power bar that features a giant Sega logo in between 5 power outlets. Is it just a fancy power strip or pure amazing? Plug in your Sega Genesis, Sega 32x and Sega CD all at the same time with one power strip. Add in two more sega AC adapters and make it a real party, a SEGA old school AC adapter brick party! Model Sega 1933, the Sega Temporary Power Tap (as they call it) is a glorified power strip with lots of space between the outlets which makes it ideal for plugging in numerous old school video game consoles at the same time. Ideal for those with the massive 3 AC adapter Sega Genesis (Sega Mega Drive) setup with 32X and Mega CD. Sega gaming hardware review.