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    Special Report: Shen Yun in Taiwan - Part I


    by NTDTelevision

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    With its mission to revive China's ancient culture through classical Chinese dance and music, Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company rekindled Taiwan audiences with their cultural past.

    [Chung-Yung Huang, Vice President of Taiwan Information Technology Industry Alliance]:
    "Shen Yun truly represents Chinese culture. I hope everyone in the country can come and experience Shen Yun's performance."

    The words of Chung-yun Huang, the Vice President of Taiwan Information Technology Industry Alliance, echoed those of many others who saw Shen Yun's performances in Taiwan.

    In this tiny island of 23 million people, China's rich culture, tradition and wisdom has been largely preserved. But across the strait in Mainland China, this five millennia old heritage has come under systematic destruction by the Communist regime.

    [Hai-Xiang Gao, Retired Lieutenant General]:
    "I was moved from the start, and was in tears for a long time. [Shen Yun] fully portrays China's long culture, it's so deep and so artistic."

    [Hui-Jieh Yan, Economic Development Department at Tainan City]:
    "I was in awe, that [Shen Yun] was able to present China's five thousand years of history in this way. I'm going to call my friends and share what I just experienced."

    [Lian-Fa Sun, CEO of Austin Furniture]:
    "Very, very surprised. I never knew Chinese culture and dance could be this incredible."

    [Ming-jen Wang, Vice President of UBS Bank]:
    "[Shen Yun] presents the traditional culture that we hardly see any more in this way, combining classical dance as well as historical tales and ethnic dance. This combination, for me, really just shows the essence of China's culture. I think it's great."