Tiananmen Student Activist Asked to Join Think Tank for Hu Jintao

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Democracy activist Tang Baiqiao is a vocal critic of the Chinese regime. He also took part in the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy demonstrations. It would come as a surprise then, that the office of the Chinese Communist Party leader Hu Jintao once asked Tang to join a high level think tank to offer advice on thorny issues.

Tang, now living in New York, said this recruitment attempt happened in 2009. A group of men from Hu’s office paid him a visit to deliver a message.

[Tang Baiqiao, Democracy Activist]:
“The messenger said clearly that this think tank is in direct contact with Hu Jintao. The CCP has seven think tanks, and I asked whether this one is at the level of the Chinese Academy of Social Science. He said that Academy is nothing but an academic institute, and has nothing to do with Hu Jintao. The one they referred to directly offers suggestions to Hu.”

Tang Baiqiao said after questioning their motive, the men explained that Hu Jintao wanted advice on how to resolve the Falun Gong 'issue'. In 1999 former Chinese regime leader Jiang Zemin launched the persecution against the spiritual practice—resulting in one of the worst human rights atrocities in the world today.

[Tang Baiqiao, Democracy Activist]:
“He said [we’re not buying you off], but because you know a lot about Falun Gong and the dissident movement, and you have independent thought and appear to feel a sense of responsibility to China, so we want to listen to your thoughts on how to resolve the Falun Gong issue. Hu Jintao has wanted to resolve this, as you know.”

Tang said he told the men they should consider releasing all imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners.


According to rights Group, the Falun Dafa Information Center, Falun Gong practitioners form the largest group of prisoners of conscience in the world. To date, more than 3,500 deaths of practitioners due to torture and mistreatment have been documented.

NTD News, New York