What Causes Orange Peel - How To Fix or Prevent Orange Peel Paint

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What Causes Orange Peel?

There are 3 main reasons or a combination of the three that will give you orange peel effect in your fresh paint job or, you may already have it on your stock car paint job.
1. Your Ambient Temperature.
Which means the temperature in the room that your spraying your project in ...also the temp of your panel.
2. Your Spray Gun Settings / Spraying PSI
When painting, you must have the proper gun settings, gun flow and spraying psi set. Hint... Wide open fluid flow, wide open and back 1/4 turn fan width and when spraying base coat clear coat paints or enamel you want to spray between 26psi - 30psi.
3. Your Paint, Material Mixture
Which includes your reducer temp, your clear coat activator/hardener temp. When spraying single stage enamels the same apply with reducer and activators. You need to make sure that you are using the correct additives when painting in certain temperatures.