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    Chandra Churan singh On Sanjay Suri


    by TheBollywoodShow

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    A quite overwhelmed Arjun reminisces, "Well, I feel great today. I remember my first meeting with Onir in Aram Nagar. As you know I did a very bold role in I AM, and it was just because of Onir's belief in the film. Finances were scarce and we all started with a measly amount of money. When the film failed commercially, Onir was very depressed. He wanted to go back to Kolkata, but I am very happy with I AM winning the National Award. It is a collective hard work of a lot of people, and I am quite sure that I AM will surely achieve what it deserved in the first place'For regular updates on the latest happenings in Bollywood kindly subscribe bollywoodshow..