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    Le Fear - Feature Film


    by NewBreedProd

    Film About A Film

    A failed Director tries his luck in casting and producing a Feature Film which he wrote 'Le Fear' he hires the worst Film crew & cast every to walk this planet the outcome is catastrophic and produces a hilarious outcome


    Ever felt like making a Movie or even investing in one? maybe after watching this you will have second thoughts, Carlos Revalos a 21 times Film Director embarks on his biggest Film yet 'Le Fear' a horror love story with a 3 million pound budget what can go wrong? everything as Carlos hires the worst cast and crew ever to walk on this planet which makes the film a recipe for disaster, Larry Rothschild the executive producer on the film who was promised Brad Pitt which never happened instead he got Leon the pompous Lead actor who walks of set time and time again, Debbie D the hysterical inexperienced glamour model who fluffs her lines over and over, the werewolf wearing a cromby overcoat and who cant speak a word of English and the sparky who is colour blind and many more misfits and Carlos has no control of any of them this is Larry's first attempt at investing in a film and no doubt his last.

    The film is shot in a unique style as a fly on the wall documentary and as a actual film using a combination of scripted scenes with a majority of improvisation gives this film a real feel about it.