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    Adrian Grenier Country Song

    Ari Gold

    by Ari Gold

    Adrain Grenier performs "A Little Like You" from available now on DVD!

    Song by Ethan Gold -

    I asked my brother Ethan to write a horrible, catchy song that sounded like an unholy mix of New Country, Pop Punk, and Hip-hop. He kicked ass. And Adrian Grenier kicks ass as the king - Dallas H.

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    Thanks folks.

    Hi All! Thanks for checking out my film "Adventures Of Power" - - closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

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    Ari Gold's first feature film Adventures of Power, an epic comedy about air-drumming & the American dream, is available here and on Showtime.

    Ari has won a Student Academy Award and dozens of international prizes for his short films and music videos. As an actor, Ari stars in "Adventures of Power," and won "Stoner of the Year" from High Times Magazine. He sings and plays ukulele in The Honey Brothers (with Adrian Grenier) and Gold Brothers (with his twin brother Ethan).

    Yes, his name was stolen by a TV show, and no, he was not paid for it. He is not an agent, so please don't ask him to introduce you to Vinny. Vinny doesn't exist.