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    Billy Squier - Rock Me Tonite


    by MasterOfMilkshakes

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    Come on, he was probably into drugs. Nothing else makes sense since he isn't gay. It's really distasteful, though. Too bad, great song. I also don't like how he blames the director, the weirdness comes from his mannerisms and prancing about, more than anything else.

    Or maybe he wanted to be Freddie Mercury? Haha! He did work with him afterwards, too :D
    By VGAApril
    Brighat B
    If Billy Squier had made this video in 2014, his career wouldn't have suffered any damage. Today's music videos are total cheesefests. He and Kenny Ortega just thought outside the box at the wrong time. Why did he even agree to let this even air at the time?
    By Brighat BLast year
    Better dancing than today's no talend nancy boy bands
    By WhoQueen2 years ago