Edward Said- The Myth of Culture Clash

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by sfjocko

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In this important lecture delivered at the University of Massachusetts, Said takes aim at one of the central tenets of recent foreign policy thinking-- that conflicts between different and "clashing civilizations" (Western, Islamic, Confucian) characterize the contemporary world.

"The real question is whether in the end we want to work for civilizations that are separate, or whether we should be taking the more integrative, but perhaps more difficult path, which is to see them as making one vast whole, whose exact contours are impossible for any person to grasp, but whose certain existence we can intuit and feel and study." -Edward Said

Said argues that collapsing complex, diverse and contradictory groups of people into vast, simplistic abstractions has disastrous consequences. Presenting instead a vision of the "coexistence" of difference, Said concludes with the fundamental challenge that faces humanity at the turn of the millennium.

thanks to http://conspiracycentral.net:6969/index.html


This is one of the best videos I've seen! btw check out my pics!! ;)
By indiangirl4u 4 years ago
Hi Arishik.
At the end of the show, you can see that it was produced/released in 1998.
By Woyzeck 8 years ago
Thank you very much for posting this video. I am writing my senior thesis on the Clash of Civilizations, and I was wondering, your description says that this video was taken on December 2, 2006. On the Wikipedia website it says that Prof. Said passed away on September 25, 2003. So, I am a bit confused as to when this video was taken. Thank you for clarifying.
By arishik888 8 years ago
One of my favourite intellectuals ... and a great universal voice indeed !

Thanks a million for making him audible beyond death.
By Woyzeck 8 years ago