Edward Said- The Myth of Culture Clash


by sfjocko

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This is one of the best videos I've seen! btw check out my pics!! ;)
By indiangirl4u 5 years ago
Hi Arishik.
At the end of the show, you can see that it was produced/released in 1998.
By Woyzeck 8 years ago
Thank you very much for posting this video. I am writing my senior thesis on the Clash of Civilizations, and I was wondering, your description says that this video was taken on December 2, 2006. On the Wikipedia website it says that Prof. Said passed away on September 25, 2003. So, I am a bit confused as to when this video was taken. Thank you for clarifying.
By arishik888 8 years ago
One of my favourite intellectuals ... and a great universal voice indeed !

Thanks a million for making him audible beyond death.
By Woyzeck 8 years ago