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    Tebow's virginity worth $1 million: AshleyMadison

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    Tebow's virginity is worth $1 million. That's the bounty controversial "dating" site Ashley Madison has placed on the New York Jets quarterback's maidenhood.

    In its latest publicity stunt, AshleyMadison, which offers opportunities for "discreet encounters" for those who are in relationships or married, has a new goal: proving Tim Tebow is not a virgin.

    Think about it. Tebow's good-looking, an NFL player and an Evangelical Christian. The probability that he is a virgin should be slim-to-none. But the athletic demigod stands behind his faith, maintaining that he indeed has never knocked boots with anyone.

    Tebow, a poster child for Christianity, has kept quiet while this has been going on and surprisingly so has the hoard of suspected lovers he's had.

    Don't lose faith yet, women (or men) can come forward until the end of Tebow's first season in New York. AshleyMadison's founder believes the temptation to maintain virgin-status will be far too great for Tebow in the City That Never Sleeps.