EyePet Move Edition

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Welcome the newest member of your family into your home — EyePet™. Using a PlayStation®Eye camera and PlayStation®Move motion controller, EyePet™ is virtually projected into your living room where he can play and interact with you and your family. Not only does EyePet™ live in your world, but you can also interact with his digital environment. Grab a PlayStation®Eye camera and PlayStation®Move motion controller and control toys and objects on screen just by moving your hands. You can also create drawings in the real world and watch them come to life as 3-D toys with which your EyePet™ can play with on screen. Everyone is going to love playing with and caring for this cute and lovable creature. EyePet™ is the first 3-D animated pet for the PS3, and is the perfect addition for any family! So isn’t it time you welcomed an EyePet™ into your life?

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