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    Welcome To Las Vegas Sign Painting

    Jason Borbay

    by Jason Borbay

    Watch as Borbay paints the Welcome To Las Vegas Sign, on-location in Fabulous Las Vegas... and stick around for bonus footage after the credits!

    Painting Title: "Welcome to Las Vegas Sign - Redux 2012"
    Size: 24"X24"
    Media: Acrylic & Collage on Canvas

    Soundtrack Title: "Vegas Baby"

    Created by: Nelson R. Downend, Jr. and Ahmed Mahmoud

    For More on Borbay:

    Twitter: @Borbay


    Where: Painted on-location in Fabulous Las Vegas

    Shouts: JP Carmona
    Paul Zepeda
    Ari Lankin
    Gil Rivas Perez
    Will Kearney
    My Friends at The Sign
    Paula Caselton
    Sheila Joy Burford

    Love: My Amazing Wife Erin

    Detail: This painting is currently on
    display in Las Vegas, private
    viewings are available