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    Jon Stewart, Rush Limbaugh, Groupon boycotts won't work

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    Boycott Groupon? Morality in Media is organizing one. The conservative group is upset Groupon sold tours of an adult film studio.

    But will consumers listen? More than 1,000 bought tickets to see the San Francisco BDSM set. Porn must be really popular!

    And there's the rub: boycotts fail because organizers misjudge consumer demand. Gay marriage opponents can't give up Starbucks caffeine. Gay marriage backers can't convince southerners to give up delicious Chick-fil-A chicken.

    Boycotts of Rush Limbaugh and Jon Stewart don't work because advertisers want to reach their massive audiences.

    And that's the reason why China has failed in attempts to organize an advertising boycott of the Apple Daily. Readers want a pro-democracy newspaper! Thank goodness for market forces!