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    NAB 3D News Report: Red Epic 3D

    Al Caudullo Productions

    by Al Caudullo Productions

    NAB 2012 offered us a wide variety of new and exciting products.
    With new offerings from Grass Valley,GoPro, Emotion 3D, StereoTec, Vision Research, Canon, Black Magic Design, Adobe, RED and many more.
    New tech advances like HFR or High Frame Rate video were showcased what scenes from the upcoming Hobbit shown at 48 frames per second. RED introduce us to the future of projection with laser powered REDray 4k projector.

    Al Caudullo, the 3DGuy attended this year's show and brought back video showing some of the stand out products.

    Let's watch 3DGuy's NAB 3D News Report to find out more.

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