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    Sushmita Says, Who Can Do Hideous Thing Should Be Punished.


    by TheBollywoodShow

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    Celebrities and now designers are truly paving the path for empowerment of the Girl Child cause. Manish Malhotra got in on the act organising a fashion show to raise awareness, with all the stars in tow donning his glamorous outfits and walking the ramp. Take a look at all the familiar faces walking the walk for a good cause. Who's your favourite in Manish Malhotra? People who do things like that are sick in their head, actress Kajol has said condemning the death of three-month-old Afreen who was battered by her father in Bangalore. Former beauty queen Sushmita says anyone who can do such a hideous thing should be punished. Afreen died Wednesday of cardiac arrest after suffering grievous head injuries, a dislocated neck, cigarette burns and even bite marks. According to her mother Reshma, a 19-year-old, her husband wanted a male child and was angry at the birth of a girl. For regular updates on the latest happenings in Bollywood kindly subscribe. ;