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    Heavy Rains Flood Peru and Colombia


    by NTDTelevision

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    The coming winter brings torrential rainfall across the Andean region causing floods in parts of Peru and Colombia. Death, destruction, and evacuations have been reported.

    Flooding hit rural areas in Colombia and Peru on Sunday, driving hundreds from their homes, flooding crops and taking at least three lives in the Boyaca province.

    In the Colombian town of La Parada, southwest of the capital Bogota, the Tachira River overflowed its banks and flooded some 200 homes.

    Water levels stood nearly five feet deep in homes and streets in La Parada, where hundreds of residents lost nearly all their belongings.

    Jose Manrique is a member of the local civil defense crew.

    [Jose Manrique, Civil Defense Member]:
    "Because of the winter weather, the river overflowed its banks above a farm and affected the entire area of La Parada."

    As waters receded, people tried to round up belongings and clean up the streets.

    Meanwhile in Tunga, north and east of Bogota, Red Cross volunteers and other local rescue workers evacuated residents in boats.

    Local news outlets were reporting three dead, four missing, and 15,000 people affected by flooding in the Boyaca province.

    In Peru's Amazon, crops and homes were underwater as the Amazon River and some tributaries flooded.