Taxes - 10 Wackiest Taxes in History

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10 Unusual Taxes Around the World - as part of the news and politics series by GeoBeats.

Here are 10 bizarre taxes from around the world.

Number 10 – In the first century AD, the then Roman emperor decided to place a tax on urine distribution as that was valued as a source of ammonia.

Number 9 - In the 1690s, England began a window tax - taxing homes based on how many windows the house had. Many homes were built with very few windows to avoid the tax which eventually led to health issues.

Number 8 - King Henry the Eighth of England placed a tax on beards although he sported a beard himself! He wasn't the last one; in 1705 Peter the Great of Russia also implemented a tax on beards.

Number 7 – If you lived during the reign of Henry the first in the 12th century and refused to fight for your king, you would have paid a price! It was called the cowardice tax!

Number 6 - Denmark and Ireland are starting to tax farm owners for...get ready, cow flatulence! The reasoning behind this crazy tax: it's a leading cause of global warming.

Number 5 - Tennessee has a tax on illegal drugs. Once paid, users receive a sticker to place on their paraphernalia, so if they get arrested for possession, at least officials can rest assured the taxes are paid!

Number 4 - Maryland issued a tax called the 'Flush Tax' in 2004 in an effort to save the Chesapeake Bay. You can probably guess what it's for; you pay $2.50 a month on your sewer bill, essentially paying for the privilege to flush the toilet.

Number 3 - In the late 18th century, the British started taxing hats assuming people who wore hats were wealthy. Basing taxes on income or what individuals wear...what's the difference? Hat store owners got clever, calling their items headwear to avoid the tax!

Number 2 - Slaves that had saved enough to earn their freedom were taxed in Ancient Rome. They paid 10 percent to the government for 'Freedom Tax'.

Number 1 - 1n 1718, Russia's czar Peter the Great, introduced a soul tax for all males.