Sarangi,Sitar, Tabla,Harmonium - Vandematharam - Classical Instrumental

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India is a land of variegated customs and multitude of languages. The apparent differences that prevail in this pluralistic society are transcended by one fabric that interweaves across the diversities making us one integral whole. That is Indian culture, which is the very foundation of this soil. Indian music is an evidence to this cultural confluence and is the culmination of a seamless conglomeration of traditions.
"Essence of India" is a musical expressions of this culture synergy. The album synthesizes various genres of music and gives rise to a perfectly cohesive amalgam of soothing vocals, pulsating rhythms, resonating strings of sitar and contemplative sarangi and harmonium. Set at varying tempos, each of these tracks evoke different moods in minds of the listener. Tracks Hamsaganapathi and ecstacy exuberates with Jubliance, while tracks waves and mountain breeze create an aura of divinity and calmness. Saint in solitude brings about contemplation and Vandematharam is a consummation of this musical grandeur, paying tribute to the motherland.
1. Hamsaganapathy
2. Ecstasy
3. Saint In Solitude
4. Waves
5. Mountain Breeze
6. Vandematharam