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    Midwest Spine and Nerve Center Online Reviews


    by midwestspinenerve

    I LOOK FORWARD TO AN ACTIVE LIFE STYLE!! When I came to Midwest Spine and Nerve, I had terrible low back pain. I had been told that surgery was not an option, I had 3 epidurals with no help and was told that Chiropractic or Acupuncture were my choices.After a few treatments here I began to notice a difference. Now, after more than 20 treatments I am very close to being pain free. The back pain is gone-what I have now is muscle pain and I'm confident that it will be gone soon.I look forward to an active life style-for an old lady-free of pain.June C.

    THANK YOU DR. CHRIS AND SAM SEKANICK!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Dr. Chris and Sam Sekanick!


    Paula B., Madison, WI