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Shameless plug: Desert Bus Marathon for Child's Play, read the description

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So someone sent me this, and I thought it was awesome. They've already going at it for a while now but they'll be busy for a while longer.

Copy-and-pasting their little description:

Folks from LoadingReadyRun are revving up the engines for their third annual Desert Bus for Hope charity event, a fundraiser in which all proceeds go to the Child's Play organization - and they keep driving in Desert Bus for as long as donations come in. Last year, the event lasted five days, let's do what we can to make this year's drive last even longer! Feel free to make a donation by using our link below and get on the bus with the rest of The Escapist community for your chance to win a limited edition profile badge. Bookmark this page in order to stay up to date with our live video and Twitter feeds, coming directly from the marathon.

If you don't know what Desert Bus is, basically you drive in a straight empty road for 8 hours. After that you get one point and then you go back. You go back and forth forever. They're trying to beat their last record of, I think, 108 hours straight.

Live streams:

Driver cam:

Bus cam:


(Song's Chrono Cross - Chronomantic)