Command & Conquer Renegade - Level 2, Rescue and Retribution, 5 stars (Part 1)


door Omgarrett

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Command & Conquer level 2 Part 1. Getting a 5 star ranking.

Playlist with the rest of the videos:


To get 5 stars you need to play on the hardest difficulty, beat all the secondary missions in the level, beat the level under a certain amount of time and do it without LOADING a save. You can save as many times as you want but you cannot load the game so you have to do it in one run.

I make quicksaves at the end of the level so if I screw up a level I load that save and do the last bit of the level before it and then try the next level again.

I include some of the dialogue but sometimes, like in the tutorial level, they just randomly decide to stop talking or not talk at all.

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