Optimizing your layout for phones and tablets using viewport and media queries

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Merci à nos partenaires 2011 : Clever Age, af83, Viadeo et IBM.

With mobile web browsing becoming widespread, users expect their favorite sites to "just work" on their mobile device of choice. Exciting times, especially as there are a number of new hooks in modern mobile browsers that help web designers to create compelling experiences on phones and tablets.

In my talk, I will cover the various features of the viewport meta tag, and look at how they allow you to control mobile browsers' zoom behaviors. I'll also connect this to Opera's CSS Device Adaptation proposal, which brings this feature to CSS in the form of the @viewport rule.

Furthermore, I will explain how viewport can be combined with media queries to create super-flexible layouts that work nicely across different browsing contexts and devices, and explore various strategies to dealing with different screen sizes and pixel densities.

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