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    Unique Construction of Ceiling Fans From Rite-Hite


    by ritehitevideos


    Imagine…a machine so well-engineered, so smart, so advanced it can transform your facility. It’s a whole new technology that improves air flow, work flow, even cash flow while quietly going about its business – up on the ceiling.

    Introducing the high-volume, low-speed fan from Rite Hite. The key is the advanced blade technology that moves more air with less effort and less cost than you could ever imagine. The unique Propell-Aire blade, with its variable width, ideal contour and optimum twist moves air in an arc up to eleven times the diameter of the fan. No small accomplishment considering the largest model has a 24 foot diameter. Plus, it’s a design with a history of tough, dependable performance – 40 years in the harshest industrial environments.

    We’re talking serious air-flow here – with blades that extend well across the ceiling. To handle the stress, we developed a robust hub and a mounting system that’s just as serious. The blades are firmly secured at a rotationally-balanced hub by gravity and a high-performance bolting system.

    Additional reinforcement is provided by a special vibration-reducing material that withstands more than ten times the force generated by the fan – for smooth, balanced, quiet performance with minimal maintenance. An extra-solid connection. An extra-solid warranty. For extra peace of mind.

    And the best news of all? It’s not imaginary. It’s revolutionary. And it’s here today.

    The Revolution high-volume, low-speed fan from Rite Hite.