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    Verify Social Security Number


    by cheryl28reid

    There are many reasons why you might need to verify Social Security numbers, and there is no better tool for this than the Internet. At the end of this video I will provide to you a link with a special discount.
    Many employers need to confirm the Social Security numbers of their employees for tax reporting purposes. If you are an employer who needs to verify your employees' Social Security numbers for business reasons, you can use the Social Security Number or Verification Service, also known as the SSNVS. This is a free service and can be used to instantly verify numbers for new hires.
    You might also need a person's Social Security number to run a criminal or background check on them. The easiest way to get someone's Social Security number for these purposes is simply to ask them for it. This is not always possible, however. If you are unable to find out a person's Social Security number on your own,