Studio Guest: Klaus Töpfer, IASS Potsdam

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In the studio: Klaus Töpfer, IASS Potsdam, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies.Heather de Lisle: Klaus Töpfer was the executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme. And he's currently the director of the new Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, a think-tank for climate research and sustainability issues. Dr. Töpfer, do you believe that we can keep droughts from turning into disasters with science? Klaus Töpfer:There's no question that we need science. We need science to make the preconditions for solutions. But we need more. We need political will, we need the cooperation of the broader public, and we need also the understanding of how to handle our life. And if you compare this and combine this, then you can solve the broader problem for sure.Heather de Lisle: Almost half of the world's food is grown using artificial irrigation methods. Many countries are already overstretched -- and not just in the developing world. If you look at Spain for in
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Producer : Deutsche Welle