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    Classic Game Room - SPACE INVADERS EXTREME for Xbox 360 review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews SPACE INVADERS EXTREME for Xbox 360 Live Arcade XBLA. This Space Invaders Extreme review has HD gameplay footage of Space Invaders Extreme for XBLA Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360 showing game play of this Taito masterpiece. Space Invaders Extreme is also available for PSP and Nintendo DS. What an exciting take on the classic 1978 arcade machine, Space Invaders! Taito has done an excellent job mixing new and retro elements together to create a fun and affordable video game that looks and sounds awesome on the Xbox 360. Harking back to the classic arcade coin-op hit of the 70's, this new version comes out some 30 years later and adds boss battles, achievement points and all kinds of crazy stuff. Rack up crazy points by shooting columns, rows and similar colors. Upgrade your weapons and have a great time with Space Invaders Extreme on Xbox 360 XBLA!