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Classic Game Room - STREETS OF RAGE 3 for Sega Genesis review


by ClassicGameRoom

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Classic Game Room HD reviews STREETS OF RAGE 3 for Sega Genesis! This CGRHD review of Streets of Rage 3 has gameplay footage from Streets of Rage 3 on Sega Mega Drive and Sega Genesis, although this footage was recorded from the Sonic's Ultimate Collection on PS3 game disc (also available on Xbox 360). Sonic's Ultimate Collection contains all three Streets of Rage games, the third being the rarest of the three game cartridges for the actual Sega Genesis. Streets of Rage III is a side scrolling beat 'em up with a unique, pseudo-futuristic style and incredible music. The music composition in this game is some of the best in any game ever. Choose from four characters (five if you include Roo the unlockable Kangaroo) and beat the living snot out of minions of evil doers. This video game review shows game play of the PS3 trophy being unlocked for a silver trophy unlocking Roo the kangaroo as a playable character in Streets of Rage 3, if you care or are into PS3 trophies for Sonic's Ultimate Collection learn how to unlock Roo here. Bad grammar, good search terms. CGR style! Streets of Rage 3 is a must play for fans of games like Power Stone, Gekido and the X-Men beat em up. Amazing graphics, parallax scrolling and that thumpin' techno beat make this game a winner. Excellent gameplay and action too, very challenging. Classic Game Room HD reviews Sega Genesis games as a Sega Genesis reviewer reviewing PS3 and Sega Genesis video games.