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    Classic Game Room - RAIDEN FIGHTERS ACES review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews RAIDEN FIGHTERS ACES for Xbox 360! Three SHMUPS on one game disc, Raiden Fighters Aces delivers the space ship shooting goodness with mountains of gameplay, awesome presentation and seizure enducing beats. Choose from dozens of space ships / airplanes in this SHMUP where instant power ups and mayhem are the name of the game, but beware, bullet hell shooter madeness awaits you in Raiden Fighters Aces and fancy weapons alone won't keep you alive. Choose a fast ship or slow ship, heavily armed and chunky or quick and nimble. There's a huge variety of aircraft and weapon diversification, enough to keep any vertical scrolling shooter fan happy with hours of gameplay across three fairly similar games. This CGR review of Raiden Fighters Aces has gameplay from Xbox 360 showing Raiden Fighters Aces being played in HD. Raiden Fighters Aces has 2 player co-op video game play and Achievement Points. For those of us who complain about a lack of awesome Shoot 'em ups being released in the West, Raiden Fighters Aces delivers the goods.