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    Ben Bernie's Orchestra - I Want To Be Bad, 1930


    przez grzegorz240252

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    Great post.Love the Ben Bernie Orchestra.
    Przez Lou4 lata temu
    Hello Grzegorz - I really like this vid a whole bunch. The music sounds peppy and upbeat. Zelma O'Neal can really belt it out. She is very talented. I am so glad that you highlight a lot of forgotten talents in your videos. Thanks whole bunch and have a super great week coming up!!!
    Przez tango37214 lata temu
    Boston Blackie
    Great version of this period "hit" song.
    Przez Boston Blackie4 lata temu
    Walter Gray
    Excellent Post. I love it and thank you for sharing.
    Przez Walter Gray4 lata temu
    I loved this brilliant version, lesser known than the Kane version, but in my opinion notably better artistically without playing the novelty card. Thank you as well for adding the fascinating visual material!
    Przez kspm0220s4 lata temu
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