8 Min Abs # 2


by jgbrew50

Having that perfect set of abs is something that most of us aspire to. In a society where there is an ever increasing emphasis on the way we look, there definitely is a shift in people's perception of their own bodies. The images being portrayed by the media seems to set the new standard for what 'beautiful' looks like and if anything, this is a really high standard. One of the most sought after 'items' then seems to be flat and toned abs. For men this has become somewhat of a 'status symbol' while for women it is something to be admired. How then can you get flat abs fast? Although there are many strategies and techniques for how to get flat abs fast, very few actually work.It seems quite ironic to me that having flat and toned abs is such a sought after thing. When you consider the foods that are popular in our culture and how our popular past times focus on 'static' activities like watching TV