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Polisse - trailer HD
In theaters: May 18th, 2012

της Μαϊβέν Λε Μπεσκό
με τους Καρίν Βιάρ, Τζόι Σταρ, Μαρίνα Φουά, Νικολά Ντιβοσελιέ, Μαϊβέν Λε Μπεσκό, Καρόλ Ροσέρ

Μια δυναμική και ρεαλιστική ματιά στην Αστυνομική Μονάδα Προστασίας Ανηλίκων του Παρισιού. Η ασυνήθιστη ερωτική ιστορία που θα αναπτυχθεί ανάμεσα σε έναν αστυνομικό και μια δημοσιογράφο που έρχεται για να καλύψει τις δραστηριότητες της μονάδας.

Winner of the Jury Prize at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and nominated for 13 César Awards, POLISSE follows the daily lives of a tight-knit team of men and women working in the Child Protection Unit of the Parisian police. Basing her richly textured script on real child investigation cases, writer-director-actor Maïwenn has gathered an accomplished ensemble cast of French actors who convey the emotional strain of the unit's work with gritty realism. They not only deal with the stress of their jobs but the inevitable fall-out in their personal lives - breakdowns, divorce and adulterous relations within the force. In between, there are frequent flashes of humor as the team attempts to diffuse daily realities. As the cases,confessions and interrogations pile up, the squad members have only each other as support as they face an uphill battle against both criminals and bureaucracy.

Genre: Drama
Director: Maïwenn
Cast: Kevin Viard, Joey Starr, Marina Foïs, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Maïwenn, Karole Rocher, Emmanuelle Bercot
Writers: Maïwenn, Emmanuelle Bercot
Run Time: 127 minutes