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    Marco Rubio's Vice Presidential Aspirations Slip



    Marco Rubio's Vice Presidential Aspirations Slip
    National Journal - Newseum
    The demography and national agenda of America is changing before our eyes. In the next America, decades ahead, virtually every aspect of American life—the economy, politics, education, healthcare, and social life—will be shaped by a demographic revolution literally remaking the face of the nation: the diversification of America. The Next America project, presented by the Apollo Group, parent company of University of Phoenix, will explore the impact these new demographics will have on a wide range of policy areas.In this first event of a series of forums slated for the coming year, National Journal will provide a current demographic snapshot of America and will explore a range of issues, including how minorities and whites view this demographic change and their current perceptions of race relations, the economy, and future opportunities. The flagship University of Phoenix/National Journal Next America Poll will serve as a discussion driver at this event."