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    My Son The Vampire

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    by FLIXU Movies

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    The mysterious figure known as the Vampire comes to England to complete experiments in his mad bid to gain control of the world. When the radar-controlled Robot which he had ordered shipped to him is delivered instead to Mother Riley; the Vampire; through radar control; has the Robot transport itself as well as Mother Riley to the proper the old lady goes into a whirl of side-splitting action in a determined effort to frustrate the plans of the sinister Vampire.

    Year : 1952
    Director : John Gilling
    Actors : Arthur Lucan as Mrs. Riley, Bela Lugosi as Von Housen, Dora Bryan as Tilly, Philip Leaver as Anton Daschomb, Richard Wattis as Police Constable Freddie, Graham Moffatt as Yokel, Mar?a Mercedes as Julia Loretti, Roderick Lovell as Douglas, David Hurst as Mugsy, Judith Furse as Freda