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    Scientists in Russia’s Chechnya Claim Dinosaur Egg Find


    by NTDTelevision

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    Scientists in Russia's Chechnya Republic claim to have found a store of what they say are fossilized dinosaur eggs. But not everyone is convinced.

    Scientists in Russia's mountainous Chechnya region say they have uncovered a large cache of dinosaur eggs, fossilized into the side of a cliff in the southern Russian Republic.

    According to Russian media reports, the discovery was made by a team of geographers while on an expedition earlier this month to chart waterfalls in the region.

    The head of Chechnya State University's Laboratory of Landscape Research says scientists on the expedition believed the globe-shaped rock formations had to be fossilized dinosaur eggs.

    [Sai-Emin Dzhabrailov, Head, Chechnya State University Laboratory of Landscape Research]:
    "It creates a single opinion that these are fossilized dinosaur eggs. There's no other opinion because there are a lot (of the eggs) here, really a lot. In just one place there are a few dozen of varying sizes—from 23 centimetres to even 50, 60, 70, up to 1 metre."

    Other scientists on the expedition, however, were hesitant to call the discovery a definite dinosaur egg find.

    The Chechen scientists say they believe the "eggs" were laid by plant-eating dinosaurs approximately 60 million years ago.

    A team of paleontologists from Moscow has reportedly been sent to study the "egg" samples and conduct radiocarbon dating tests.