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    Frog Crossing - An Environmental Fable

    Ari Gold

    by Ari Gold

    228 views Brake for frogs... it's mating season! An environmental fable. Co-directed by Jamie Babbit.

    Selection at Sundance, Rotterdam, Telluride, etc..

    My co-director friend Jamie Babbit and I wanted to make a story with these basic parameters:
    1. No lights.
    2. I'd play in the movie.
    3. Environmental theme.
    4. No more than 10 lines of dialog.
    5. Big color.
    6. Funny.

    This is what happened. My sister and my dad are in it too. And some animals.

    Written and Directed by Jamie Babbit and Ari Gold
    Produced by Jasmine Kosovic
    Director of Photography Jules Labarthe
    Edited by Steve Silkensen
    Music by David Amram

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