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    Classic Game Room - CRACK DOWN for Sega Genesis review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews CRACK DOWN for Sega Genesis from 1990. Thie 1989 Sega produced arcade game arrived on the Megadrive one year later and gives us 2D top down action. This CGRHD review of Crack Down for Sega Genesis has gameplay footage from Crack Down on Mega Drive showing game play. Crackdown is not one of my favorite Sega Genesis game cartridges but still packs plents of good times and explosions. Your job is to plant explosives and clear each level as quickly as possible. Shoot bad guys along the way and watch out for bottomless pits. Crack Down is on Wii Virtua Console so that gamers can download it today, or hunt down the super affordable Sega Genesis game in a used store. Classic Game Room HD reviews 2D overhead action games on Sega Genesis because we are a Sega Genesis reviewer reviewing Genesis games like Crack Down which is also on Wii VC. Not to be confused with Crackdown on Xbox 360.