Classic Game Room - TUROK DINOSAUR HUNTER for N64 review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews TUROK DINOSAUR HUNTER from 1997 for the Nintendo 64. This first person shooter adventure on the N64 takes players on a romp through the Land of the Lost... which is easy to get lost in because it all looks the same. Even though Turok seems incredibly dated today this classic title is still extremely playable because of its responsive controls and overall high quality gameplay. Blast dinosaurs, monsters and pathetic bad guys with a variety of weapons including shotguns and machine guns. Use an on-screen map to find your location and hunt down keys to unlock numerous levels in Turok. This CGR review of Turok Dinosaur Hunter on N64 has gameplay from this Nintendo 64 first person shooter FPS, Turok Dinosaur Hunter. A popular game, Turok was followed by many sequels including a more recent one just called Turok on PS3 and Xbox 360. How do you find the keys in Turok on the huge levels? Lots of exploring, lots of swimming and spellunking, lots of shooting! Published by Acclaim for N64.