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    Canada DNA art

    Al Jazeera English

    by Al Jazeera English

    Canadian DNA art plus pinhole cameras in Colombia.

    Scientists studying DNA in the Canadian city of Montreal have recently been dealing with requests from a most unusual client.

    Two friends based in the country's capital Ottawa - one a trained scientist, the other a marketing specialist - came up with a fun idea that would surprisingly transform both of their lives.

    Descibed as "Andy Warhol meets CSI" the two men send requests off to the DNA lab and then your unique configuration is turned into a work of art.

    An idea that was initially met with scepticism and a trickle of requests has now become a viable business and a flood of customers.

    Shooting for peace

    Pinhole cameras which do not need a lens but just a small opening in a box or tin that manipulates light are a popular science project in many Colombian schools because they are cheap and easy to make.

    Now a new initiative Shooting Cameras for Peace is using pinhole cameras to capture the stories of some of the thousands of young people in the Colombian capital Bogota who are forced to live in extreme poverty.

    Many had to flee the armed conflict in the countryside, their education and their childhood interrupted.

    Since the photography project started hundreds of kids have shared their images with their communities and with the world.