How To Put A "Whip" Into A Karate Punch


by BunkaiJutsu



Tom Carnes
here power of whip in 1`"
By Tom CarnesJuly
Tom Carnes
i saw a bit--what you say for Kung fu is not right,unless it is Long fist or lama --but to claim all kung fu,whips like that is does it from the spine--It only needs 1" & total power with the whip has been done.
By Tom CarnesJuly
Mat Serter
there is more to it then just this but well done hard style your are slowly figuring out the secrets of the soft style. but you are doing the motion of a whip but think of a bull whip understasnd the physics that explains how the tip of a bull whip can break the sound barrier then replicate this into your body with the tip of your finger replicate the bull whip this imense power in a tiny area is then used for point striking.
By Mat Serter2 years ago