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    Why Do Tech Bloggers Hate Microsoft?

    Chris Pirillo

    by Chris Pirillo

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    Jeff Mitchell
    Microsoft may create some good products (Xbox) and services (Mail and Skydrive) but they are dragging their heels on the OS front. In my opinion MS is more focussed on business customers, think of Windows phone and Surface, those mainly exist for sake of MS Office. Naturally, consumers will be against it. Businesses love Surface and Windows Phone I'm sure, but you won't see the positive comments from the business users - they're too busy working and have no time to blog!
    By Jeff MitchellLast year
    If you want to just put in a functional operating system.You can install a Linux in 28 seconds.How long does it take WIndows?Depending on the computer 12 minutes.12 minutes of backdoors an bypassing user interfaces to spy on the user.Putting in codes that clearly say you need to pay for this product.Rather than it just be free.Charging $200.00 for OS that could have parts missing because you do not have the right model or version that you as a business needs.

    Making promises of better development then focusing on Windows 8.1 which carries the same spyware they created.Even having people arrested for bootleg copies.via SPYING on them.No no wants to deal with that.
    By WarsunGamesLast year
    I'll answer one part of that.1.Microsoft supports illegal activities such as virus spreading through chemical developments.They do not just work in technology.Second Spying.Go to your internet connection settings.Open and network Sharing.
    Now go to Local Area connection properies.Note it says Microsoft sharing.Yeah.Uninstall those an restart your computer.If you can still get online.There is a reason.Because you never needed that installed.It is Microsofts method of monitoring your activities.It comes with Windows.You know the difference between that an Linux.It isn't there.
    By WarsunGamesLast year
    Alex Mrcc
    how idiot you are???
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    By Alex Mrcc4 years ago