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    Children Join Panda Birthday Party in China


    by NTDTelevision

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    At a zoo in eastern China, one panda celebrated her 10th birthday in style.

    Panda Yingmei celebrated her 10th birthday in an eastern China zoo on Friday surrounded by children and a birthday cake.

    A quick shower, and the giant panda was ready to meet her public. Zoo workers brought her cage out to a field so her fans could get close.

    Children surrounded Yingmei to sing "Happy Birthday" and feed her with apple slices.

    [Unnamed Boy]:
    "I am a little scared, but this is a rare opportunity, so I am very happy."

    Back at the zoo, children watched Yingmei eat her icy birthday cake. She seemed to enjoy having her cake, and wearing it too [Note: Use footage here of birthday cake on bear's stomach].