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    Translations! Inside DBSK's Home.


    by kokubo.shii

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    Yunho: Oh. Hello. I'm sorry but the guys haven't woken up yet. Hold on.
    Yunho: Hey! Hurry and get up! Get up. Hurry! Get up. Hurry!
    Yunho: DBSK has done a special joint training for today's "Top 10 Singers" conert. Prepared? We're prepared right?
    Yunho: Are we really prepared? Aish! Hurry and get up! We have to get ready!
    Jaejoong: Sleep? I wasn't able to get much sleep. sigh. I've been on stage a lot but I'm always nervous.
    Junsu: It is our first awards show into our debut. I'm so happy we're getting such a big award.
    Changmin: Oh? It's our last stage for 2004. I'm so glad we get to spend it with everyone.
    Yuchun: Later when the New Year countdown starts and the numbers start to go down I think I'm going to get all teary eyed. I shouldn't cry.
    Everyone: You always fall. Get up! What are you doing? Hurry up and dance!
    Yunho: What is that?
    Yuchun: Since it's our last stage for 2004. We have prepared A LOT...
    Yunho: Hold on! Hold on! You can't tell them anything. You can't tell them anything. We have prepared a lot! We'll show you later!
    Jaejoong: Yes. We have just departed forJangchon Gymnasium. Choikang Changmin how do you feel?
    Changmin: Wow. I'm really nervous. How about you Micky?
    Yunho: He's so blunt.
    Junsu: Yes. From all we've showed you this past year, we hope this stage is the greatest you see of us.
    Yunho: Okay then, let's do "fighting" you guys. Come on, all together.
    Yunho: I've always wanted to do this. One, two, three!
    Everyone: DBSK fighting!
    Yuchun: Is it over?