Every Grand Ball


by Univore

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The April 3MM theme gave Univore the opportunity to finally put to video its interpretation of the exploits of an obscure figure in musical history, Margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg-Schwedt, recipient of Johann Sebastian Bach's Brandenburg Concertos while Bach visited Berlin in 1719 to purchase a harpsichord.
Ludwig's lack of musical notoriety is due to the fact that he did nothing musical with his life, save meet with Bach and inadvertantly furnish the pinnacle composition of the Baroque with a name by virtue of the concertos being discovered in Ludwig's archives a century later. In fact, Ludwig had to turn down Bach's request for patronage at the time because the nobleman lacked musicians, and the concertos were never performed in Berlin in the composer's lifetime.
In "Every Grand Ball" we see Ludwig in a bleak, dissonant future educating the masses on some of the most basic points of music theory in an effort to shatter their ignorance and restore some joy to humanity. "Every Grand Ball" is Univore's way of setting the stage for Ludwig to both supply the future with ample musicians and make amends for denying Bach's wishes. Because Univore prefers second chances to incidental heroism.
The part of Margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg-Schwedt is played by Marco Casale.


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