Cannibal Campout

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College students led by Amy (Amy Chludzinski) and Jon (Jon McBride) go camping for a lark and suffer a deliverance into the hands of redneck hillbillies with a psychotic spot for tender flesh. Not smart enough to bring survival gear; the students refuse to believe stories that unsolved murders occur in the woods. They are no match for a few sociopath brothers named Rich (Richard Marcus) and Gene (Gene Robbins). Attacked initially; the students remain in the woods; awaiting their fates as the chosen fleshpots of cannibalistic young men who like their food naturally prepared and fresh off the campsite as the mountaineers toss another student onto the barbecue spit.

Year : 1988
Director : Jon McBride; Donald Farmer
Actors : Jon McBride as Jon, Amy Chludzinski as Amy, Christopher A. Granger as Chris, Richard Marcus as Rich, Gene Robbins as Gene, Carrie Lindell as Carrie, Joseph Salheb as Joe, Nancy Sciarra as Nancy, Ray Angelic as Ray - third victim, John Farrell as John - second victim